Shaolin Monks &
Students Performance

9/19/2014 • LKSC Lawn
A View from the Sky
Video by Niels Joubert»


Stanford Basketball Game Halftime Performance
Shaolin Monks
& HIP Kung Fu class
12/17/2014 • Maple Pavilion


Media Coverage

China Songshan Shaolin Temple Day
10th Anniversary
Celebration, 3/17-23/2014
China Daily

Shaolin Abbot Visits Stanford

Stanford Shaolin Kung Fu Class performance at
Magnificent Shaolin
Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, SF

Seeking harmony of body & mind at Stanford through Shaolin Kung Fu
Stanford Report • 2/28/2012

Shaolin Kongfu course offered at Stanford University
Photos 1 | 2 | Chinese article
XinhuaNet Video

KTSF-TV Channel 26 News

Shaolin Temple USA Kung Fu Program

at Stanford University
School of Medicine Health Improvement Program (HIP)
Fridays at 11:30 am
Class Location: MSOB Courtyard, 1265 Welch Road, Stanford
Since January 2011 •

Class of Spring 2017 Quarter

Last day of class — June 16, 2017

A group of students received their white belt after passing the Level 1 belt test. They will advance to Level 2 and learn the Yinshou Staff the next quarter.

Plum Blossom Broadsword

Special Events

2016 Shaolin Warriors Meet
Shaolin Temple USA Annual Intramural Kung Fu Competition
Saturday 12/18/2016

Venue: James Logan High School Gymnasium, Union City, CA

Team Stanford: (l-r) Paula Posada, Lydia Marie Joubert, Chris Pomodoro, Leticia Lottos, Paochen Zhang.
Paula and Chris both placed in the top 3 in individual events.

Group performance: Lianhua Fist.

| Cultural Forum at Stanford 10/9 | Shaolin Warriors Meet 10/10 |
| 9/18 Kung Fu Performance |

Cultural Forum
Shaolin: Ancient Wisdom in the Modern Age

plus Shaolin Kung Fu Demonstration
by Shaolin Monks & Stanford HIP Kung Fu Class

Fri. 10/9/2015, 4 pm
Stanford University
Paul Brest Hall, Munger Conference Center
Many great photos & report coming soon on
« Shaolin: Ancient Wisdom in the Modern Age» Forum page

Master Shi Yanran, Executive Director of Shaolin Temple USA welcomed the forum participants

A high caliber speaker panel from Shaolin Temple of China, Stanford University and Google Inc
delivered enlightening talks to an inspired U.S. and international audience.

Students of Stanford HIP Kung Fu class demonstrated what they have learned from the Shaolin Temple USA masters.

Audience and speakers enthusiastically participated in Shaolin health Qigong excercise with the Shaolin monks
and students of Stanford HIP Kung Fu class during the interactive session.

Forum speakers and students of Stanford HIP Kung Fu class gathered for a photo to celebrate their auspicious meeting.

Front row from left: Paula Bailey; Master Yanran, Chade-Meng Tan, Master Yanlin, Dr. David Spiegel, Dr. Tia Rich.

Forum organizers and Speakers:

U.S. Event Host
Master Shi Yanran,
Executive Director, Shaolin Temple USA

Paula Bailey, M.A.
, Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics

From Shaolin Temple of China
Master Shi Yanlin, Monastic Supervisor & Director of Shaolin Temple Pharmacy Bureau
Inheritor of Shaolin Chan Medicine

Master Shi Yankai, Monastic Supervisor, Inheritor of Shaolin Kung Fu

From Stanford University
David Spiegel, M.D., Willson Professor and Associate Chair of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Director of the Center on Stress and Health
Medical Director of the Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine.
Tia Rich, Ph.D, Stanford Senior Specialist in Health Promotion
Director of Contemplation by Design program.
From Google Inc.
Chade-Meng Tan
, Google pioneer, award-winning engineer, New York Times best-selling author, thought leader and philanthropist.

Event description on Stanford Event calendar:
Map & Directions to Paul Brest Hall:

More info: 415-666-9966
Stanford Contact: Paula Bailey <>

We thank all forum speakers for their contributions to the cultural exchange dialog; and
Stanford event sponsors: Center for Biomedical Ethics and Health Improvement Program for their support.
• Special thanks to Paula Bailey for her invaluable assistance in making this event a success •

Event photos are contributed by Lich Tran and Lydia-Marie Joubert

Shaolin Warriors Meet
Shaolin Temple USA Annual Intramural Kung Fu Competition
Sat. 10/10/2015, 10 am - 4 pm
Venue: Sunset Elementary School Auditorium,
1920 41st Avenue (at Ortega), San Francisco
«2015 Shaolin Warriors Meet» page coming soon

The popular annual event was attended by students, families and guests from the Bay Area, aross the country and Europe. A delegation from Shaolin Temple of China led by Master Yanlin, Monastic Supervisor & Director of Shaolin Temple Pharmacy Bureau joined our event as honored guests, judges and award presenters. The Warrior Monks opened the program with an exciting Kung Fu demonstration.

The San Francisco, Stanford, Fremont and Herndon contingents of Shaolin Temple USA’s student body
gathered under one roof for a contest of Kung Fu skills and to learn from each other.

Congratulations, Chris!
Stanford HIP Shaolin Kung Fu class student Christian Pomodoro received his first ever matial art gold medal at the Meet
from Master Yanlin from Shaolin Temple of China.

• Photos are contributed by DeWang Li and Chris Pomodoro •

Performance Photos
Contributed by Lydia-Marie Joubert and Leslie Li

Shifus and stuents demonstrating the famous Shaolin wellness exercise Baduanjin (Eight Pieces of Brocade).

Shaolin Kung Fu Basics

Xiaohong Fist

The audience was treated to a dazzling display of martial art prowess in traditional Shaolin fist, weapons
and hard Qigong by the Shifus.

Animal form: Praying Mantis by Shifu Hengyuan.

Double weapons: Broadsword and Chain Whip by Shifu Hengwu.

Airborne Master Yanran and Shifu Hengwu.

Shaolin Staff by Shifu Hengchong

Master Yanran’s hard Qigong feat: Breaking Iron Bar with Head.

Shifu Hengchong performing hard Qigong feat Spear Head at Throat.

The finale.

The action was captured by many cameras and smart phones.

Many from the audience got a taste of Shaolin Kung Fu at a mini-class after the performance.

Shaolin Kung Fu at
Stanford Men’s Basketball Game Halftime
Wed. 12/17/2014 • 6 pm
Maples Pavilion, Stanford University

12 Stanford HIP Shaolin Kung Fu class students joined Shaolin Temple USA’s Masters and Students at the Maples Pavilion and presented a dynamic Shaolin Kung Fu program at Stanford Men’s Basketball game halftime. This was the fourth time that Shaolin Temple USA performed at Stanford Basketball Game halftime, and the first for the HIP class.

Congratulations to the HIP class performers for a job well done. From training, rehearsals and performance, they showed great discipline and spirit. Under the guidance of Shifus Hengwu and Hengqing, their debut performance before Stanford basketball fans was a success.

Many thanks to Paula Bailey for making coordinating this event.

(l-r) ill Sabala, Lydia Joubert • Regina Roberts, Jeff Corbett • Paula Bailey, Allis Chien

(l-r) Kitty Lee, Bogdana Marchis • Maureen Panganiban, Jeff Waters • Wilson Wang, Lisa Becker

• Photos by Lingyan Li •

Warrior Monks and Students
Joint Performance

Fri. 9/19/2014 • 12 - 1 pm • Location: LKSC Lawn

Shifus and students of Stanford HIP Shaolin Kung Fu class presented their annual joint performance to kick off the Fall Quarter.

The Warrior Monks’ martial arts prowess, unique Shaolin style and gravity-defying jumps enchanted the audience crowded along the Discovery Walk. The students put in a lot of work and heart preparing for their presentation under the guidance of their Shifus and on their own. All the hard work paid off. The event was a great success. It was an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Their presentation also captured by many among the audience on smart phones, tablets and professional cameras. We would appreciate it very much if you could share the images and videos with us. Our email address is:

The following images include photographs by Shaolin Temple USA, and screen captures of videos taken by Niels and Dieter Joubert, sons of Lydia-Marie Joubert who joined the class in Spring 2014. Niels Joubert’s aerial videos offered all of us a new perspective of Shaolin Kung Fu in action. We wish to thank the Joubert family for this new and fun experience! The videos will be linked to this webpage soon.

Seven Stars Fist — A unique Shaolin fist form performed by the Shifus.

Shaolin Hard Qigong Iron Head performed by Master Yanran.

Shaolin Kung Fu at Stanford
New Perspective — A View from the Sky

Screen captures of aerial videos by Niels Joubert.
Niels is a Ph.D. student at Stanford and a software engineering consultant.

Niels’ video on youtube:
Many thanks to mom Lydia Marie Joubert for inviting your family to the event.

Right photo: Niels Joubert (center) showing everyone footages he took of the performance using a DJI Phantom quadcopter.
Left photo: Mom Lydia-Marie Joubert (left) smilingly looked on.

Members of the audience tried out Shaolin Kung Fu after the performance.

China Songshan Shaolin Temple Day
10th Anniversary Celebration

March 17-23, 2014 California
| Full Celebration Events Schedule |
Visit Songshan Shaolin Temple's official website
for photos and full coverage.
| Chinese | English |
Click on floating lotus to enter 10th Shaolin Temple Day page
| Great performance photos |

Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin of China Songshan Shaolin Temple
Visits Stanford University
Tuesday, 3/18/2014

Abbot Yongxin (front center) was greeted by Stanford HIP Shaolin Kung Fu class members
Paula Bailey, Michael Heinrich, Paochen Zhang, Maureen Panganiban and Erin Temel
upon arrival on campus and taken on a brief tour en route to the Memorial Church.

Abbot Yongxin and his Stanford hosts after a warm reception at the Memorial Church.
In 2nd row: Rev. Joanne Sanders, Associate Dean for Religious Life (5th right);
Jerri Thursman, Group Fitness Program Manager, Stanford School of Medicine
Health Improvement Program (HIP) (7th right); Paula Bailey, Education Coordinator
Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics (4th right).
Also in photo: Master Yanran, Executive Director of Shaolin Temple USA (8th right, 2nd row);
members of China Songshan Shaolin Temple Cultural Exchange Delegation.

Abbot Yongxin at Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine with Medical Director Dr. David Spiegel.

Team Stanford shared stage with Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks
Magnificent Shaolin Kung Fu Showcase
Sat. 3/22 • Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco

Team Stanford - Stanford University HIP Shaolin Kung Fu Class
From left (1st row): Lisa Becker, Paochen Zhang; (2nd row): Kai Zhang, Jeff Waters, Michael Heinrich;
(3rd row): Paula Bailey, Jeff Corbett.

The world famous Warrior Monks of China Songshan Shaolin Temple
More great photos »

Shaolin Fist - Michael Heinrich, Kai Zhang

Taiji Quan - Paula Bailey & Paochen Zhang

Shaolin Staff - Jeff Corbett & Jeff Waters

Plum Blossom Broadsword - Lisa Becker

Group photo after the performance with Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin, Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks,
Masters and students of Shaolin Temple USA in San Francisco, Femont CA and Herndon VA.

2014 San Francisco
Chinese New Year Parade

Stanford HIP Kung Fu class students Paula Bailey, Michael Heinrich, Erin Temel, Jeffrey Walters and Beverley Kane joined fellow Shaolin Temple USA team members in Year of the Horse Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco, 2/15/2014. The parade was covered live for TV and global online viewers.
Team Shaolin Temple USA was named first place in the Special Units Category. Awards Ceremony: May 16, 2014.

Team Shaolin Temple USA performed Shaolin Dahong Fist to applauses and bravos from street spectators.

Shaolin Temple Cultural Festival
Host: China Songshan Shaolin Temple
Shaolin Kung Fu Exam (Competition)
Los Angeles Convention CenterSat. 2013.10.12

Stanford HIP Shaolin Kung Class student Jeffrey Waters Awarded Gold Medal

Team Shaolin Temple USA members from San Francisco, Fremont CA, Herndon VA and Stanford University lined up for the opening ceremony. It was the largest and most notable delegation at the Festival. The team garnered a total of 93 medals including 32 Gold, winning the “First Place in Overall Team Achievement Award” among 45 teams with a total of 800 competitors from the US, Canada and Mexico. « Webpage »

Shaolin Temple USA team members excelled in every division they participated in.
(From left): Ryo Egchi (San Francisco), Robert Trinh (Fremont), Tien Fu (Herndon VA),
and Jeffrey Waters (Stanford University) collectively garnered 6 gold and 6 silver medals

Next in line to receive his Gold Medal from Venerable Abbot Shi Yonxin
of China Songshan Shaolin Temple,
Jeffrey placed 1st in his division performing Shaolin Lianhuan Fist.

Shifus and Students Performance
Fri. 9/20/2013 • 12:00 - 12:30 pm
Location: LKSC Lawn
(on Discovery Walk, between Li Ka Shing Center and Clark Center)

Performance Videos:
Part 1Part 2
.....Courtesy Cathy Humrich
SinoVisionNet News Clip

∆ The performance opened with Shaolin Wellness Qigong Exercise

∆ Master Yanran: Shaolin Straight Sword • Sifu Hengwu: Double Broadswords ∆

∆ Students from Stanford HIP Shaolin Kung Fu classes demonstrated Shaolin Lianhua Fist

∆ Lisa and Maureen demonstrated Shaolin Yinshou Staff.

Left: Pudao (Long-handled Broadsword) vs. Spear • Right: Hard Qigong—Breaking Wooden Pole on Body

The Performance drew a large crowd equipped with still and video cameras.
Others captured the action with their smart phones.

Group Photo: Masters and students

∆ The audience enthusiastically tried out Shaolin Kung Fu in a mini-class after the performance.

∆ Learning a sparring technique.

2013 San Francisco
Chinese New Year Parade

Students from Stanford Kung Fu class joined Team Shaolin Temple USA
in the 2013 San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade.

Paula Bailey (left) carried a Shaolin flag.

Beverley Kane (3rd right, front row), Gioia Zucchero (1st right, 2nd row)
rehearsing Shaolin Snake Fist.

Shaolin Temple USA
5th Anniversary Performance

Students from Stanford Kung Fu class demonstrated Shaolin Fist and self defense techniques at Shaolin Temple USA’s 5th Anniversary Performance on Dec. 16, 2012.

Performance by Shaolin Warrior Monks
& Students of Stanford Shaolin Kung Fu Class
Fri. 9/14/2012 • 12 noon - 12:30 pm • LKSC Lawn
« Flyer »

(Left) Shaolin 13-Spears • ∆ (Right) Shaolin Wind Chasing Broadsword

Shepherd’s Whip

Shaolin Hard Qigong: Spear Tip at Throat While Breaking Concrete Slab on Back

Students from the Stanford HIP Shaolin Kung Fu class
demonostrated what they have learned from the Shaolin Masters.
Photos above courtesy of Kenyi Diaz

Yinshou Staff from the White Belt (2nd level) syllabus.

Plum Blossom Broadsword from the Yellow Belt (3rd level) syllabus.

Many from the audience joined a mini-class after the performance

About the Course

Starting January 14, 2011, Shaolin Temple USA has been teaching weekly Shaolin Kung Fu classes at Stanford University every Friday at 11:30 am. The course is offered to Stanford faculty and staff under the School of Medicine's Health Improvement Program (HIP).

By popular demand, the course returned for Spring 2011 and all subsequent quarters. During the past 9 quarters, over 200 students have enrolled. On March 23, the last day of the 2012 Winter Quarter, 11 students took and passed their belt tests: 5 beginner students tested for White Belt (2nd level) and 6 White Belt students tested for Yellow Belt (3rd level). Congratulations to all of you!

Course Description on HIP Class Catalog

Shaolin Kung Fu is a 1500-year-old comprehensive system for physical and spiritual wellness from the world-famous Shaolin Temple of China, established in 495 AD, the birthplace of Chan (Zen) Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu. The course will be taught by legendary martial monks from the ancient temple who are now stationed at Shaolin Temple USA, under the direction of 34th generation Shaolin Master Shi Yanran, named 2010 Martial Artist of the Year. Curriculum includes traditional Shaolin fist and weapons forms, Shaolin wellness exercises (qigong) and Chan (Zen) meditation. Participants will achieve harmony of body and mind through a well-balanced program, appropriate for active people of all ages who seek to create better health and well-being, train for self-defense, and improve strength and flexibility. Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.
Fridays 11:30-12:30pm
Location: Grass behind MSOB Bldg
Instructor: Shaolin Monks

The course curriculum is the same as the Kung Fu program at Shaolin Temple USA’s 3 Culture Centers in San Francisco, Fremont, California and Herndon, Virginia.There are 10 training levels: Beginner, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Brown, Red and Black. Belt tests are given when a number of students have finished the curriculum for a certain level and wish to take the test. Students who have passed the test on what they have learned at a certain level will be promoted to the next level and start to learn from the syllabus of the new level. During the 5 quarters from Winter 2011 to Winter 2012, 4 belt tests were given, 3 for White belt and 1 for Yellow belt. All students who took the test passed the tests.

Members of the Stanford Shaolin Kung Fu class are busy professionals who take one hour per week from their packed schedule to take the class and train in Shaolin Kung Fu for health, fitness and self defense. They are intelligent, focused and very interested in Shaolin culture. Some of them have come to classes at Shaolin Temple USA's culture centers. They have also attended many of Shaolin Temple USA's events, such as the 2011 Shaolin Summit in Los Angeles where they were introduced to Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin of Songshan Shaolin Temple; Shaolin Lecture and Workshop—Chan (Zen): Health and Living; Shaolin Kung Fu in the Park; Shaolin Temple USA’s Intramural Games and holiday parties. Welcome to our Shaolin family!

Course History

Upcoming Quarter
Summer Quarter 2017:
6/30 - 9/1/2017

Spring Quarter 2017:
4/7 - 5/9/2017

Winter Quarter 2017:
1/13 - 3/17/2017

Fall Quarter 2016:
10/7 - 12/9/2016

Summer Quarter 2016

Spring Quarter 2016:

Winter Quarter 2016

Fall Quarter 2015:

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Spring Quarter 2015:

«Class Schedule»

Winter Quarter 2015:

«Class Schedule»

Fall Quarter 2014:

«Class Schedule»

Summer Quarter 2014:

«Class Schedule»

Spring Quarter 2014:

«Class Schedule»

Winter Quarter 2014:

«Class Schedule»

Fall Quarter 2013:
9/27 - 12/13/2013
No class on Thanksgiving Friday.

Summer Quarter:
6/28 - 8/30/2013
White & Yellow Belt Tests:
8/23/2013, 12:30 pm

Spring Quarter 2013:
4/5 - 6/14/2013

New location: SoM Sports Complex

Winter Quarter 2013:

Fall Quarter 2012
«Class schedule» «Photos»

Summer Quarter 2012
6/30 - 8/31/2012
«Class schedule» «Photos»

Spring Quarter 2012
4/6 - 6/15/2012
«Class schedule» «Photos»

Winter Quarter 2012
1/13 - 3/23/2012
White Belt Test 3/23
Yellow Belt Test 3/23

«More photos»

Fall Quarter 2011

Summer Quarter 2011
6/24 - 9/2/2012
White Belt Test

Spring Quarter 2011
4/1/ - 6/10/2011

Winter Quarter 2011
1/14 - 3/18/2012
White Belt Test: 3/18

• Past Events

Shaolin Warrior Monks
Kung Fu Demo at Stanford
12:00 - 12:30 pm
LKSC Lawn (on Discovery Walk, between Li Ka Shing Center and Clark Center)
Kick off for Fall Quarter
More info:
« Flyer » « Photos »

Stanford Men’s and Women’s Basketball Game Halftime Performance videos
1/9/2010, 12/30/2010, 1/2/2011

The Best Halftime Show Ever!”
(enlarge photo)

Fall Quarter 2015
First day of class • 9/25/2015

Summer Quarter 2015
6/26 - 8/28/2015

Xiaohong Fist

Yinshou Staff

Six new students passed their first belt test and received their White Belts.

Spring Quarter 2015
First day of class • 4/3-6/5/2015

Winter Quarter 2015
First day of class • 1/17/2015

Fall Quarter 2014
First day of class • 9/29/2014

Beginner students learning the Bow Stance.

Continuing students practicing Bodhidharma Sword and Yinshou Staff. They will spend this quarter refining these forms.

Fall 2014 Quarter class photo

Summer Quarter 2014

As part of their warm-up routine, all students lined up and practiced basic punch and stance combinations.

“Bow Stance Twist” is one of Shaolin’s basic but powerful techniques.

Continuing students learned new moves from Boddhidharma Straight Sword.

(Left) Another group continued to learn “Shaolin Yinshou Staff” from where they left off last quarter.
(Right) Sifu Yanwen demonstrating the application of Shaolin combat techniques.

Class ended after an hour of learning and good workout.

Spring Quarter 2014

Group photo on first day of class 4/4

Intermediate students learning the Bhodiharma Straight Sword form.

Beginner students learning a sparring technique.

Damo Straight Sword

Winter Quarter 2014

First day of class 1/17/2014

Fall Quarter 2013

First day of class 10/27/2013

As a tradition, each quarter started with every student introducing himself/herself to everyone.

Beginner students learning basic Shaolin Stances

Practing Shaolin staff technique: Forward Fgure 8 Twirl. The focus of this quarter is the Shaolin Yinshou Staff. Newly promoted Yellow Belt students will learn the form while continuing student will learn the application of each techiques and refine their form.

Left: Lisa prepares for the Kung Fu competiton at Shaolin Temple Cultural Festival in Los Angeles in October.
Right: Jeff working on a basic staff technique using both ends of the staff.

Belt Tests 8/23/2013

White Belt Test: Beginner level students were tested for promotion to White Belt.
(Left) Basic Hand technique: The Hook. (Right) Lianhua Fist.

Yellow Belt Test: White Belt students were tested for promotion to Yellow Belt.
(Left) Sparring Technique: Wrist Lock Capture. (Right) Yinshou Staff

∆ All students taking the test passed and received the new belts.

Spring Quarter 2013

Shaolin Wellness Qigong
The first lesson of Spring Quarter 2013 was dedicated to Shaolin Wellness Qigong excercises that strenghens our body externally as well as our internal organs.

Exercises for flexibility, balance, strength and stamina.

Shaolin Baduanjin
The class learned the popularShaolin Baduanjin, also know as 8 Pieces of Brocade. Baduanjin consist of 8 movements from the ancient Shaolin wellness qigong manual Yijinjing (Change of Sinews) that are easy to learn and producebenefits quickly.

Shaolin Baduanjin is a required daily exercise for all Kung Fu Monks. Baduanjin is renowned for the qualities of harmony in strength and flexibility, motion and stillness, and the ability to cultivate both internal and external strength. Traditionally, it is one of the internal qigong exercises taught only to Shaolin Temple disciples. Baduanjin helps to regulate the “qi” and blood circulation, enhance metabolism, strengthen the body and prolong life.

Movement #3: Raising a single arm to regulatie the spleen and stomach

Movement #4: adjusting the brain and inner organs looking backward

Movement 6: adjusting the brain and inner organs looking backward

Winter Quarter 2013

Fall Quarter 2012

First day of class, 9/28/2012.

Drop Stance stretching warmup.

Beginner class learning the Bow Stance.

Basic hand form: Hooked Hands.

Shaolin hand technique: Shovel Hand.

Yinshou Staff (White Belt - 2nd level traditional Shaolin weapon form)

Plum Blossom Broadsword (Yellow Belt - 3rd level traditional Shaolin weapon form).

Some sessions are dedicated to Shaolin basics. On this Friday, the class practiced a sequence of movements combining stances and hand techniques. Master Yanran demonstrated practical applications of these fundamental techniques.

On rainy days, class is held indoors.
Students learn Shaolin wellness exercises and meditation.

First Day of Class
Summer Quarter

Class of Summer 2012. There are many familiar and new faces in this new quarter.

Learning the basics: Punching drill.

Learning the basics: Cross Stance

First Day of Class
Spring Quarter

Class of Spring 2012. 36 members of the Stanford faculty and staff from a variety of departments signed up for the new quarter. Half of the class is new to the course, the rest are continuing students at Beginner, White and Yellow Belt levels. Healthy smiles after the first lesson with 6 Shaolin Temple USA Shifus.

Master Shi Yanran, Executive Director of Shaolin Temple USA greets the new class,
“We hope every lesson you take here will bring you happiness and good health.”

As a tradition, during the first lesson of every quarter, the Shifus give a demonstration of what the students are going to learn at their belt level in the weeks ahead.

The Shifus demonstrated a sparring technique for Yellow Belt level: Leg Grab Throw.

Warming up includes the Bow Stance stretch.

Master Shi Yanran teaching new students the most important stance in Chinese martial arts—the Horse Stance.

New students learning a Shaolin basic hand technique—the Hook.

Students promoted to the White Belt level at the end of last quarter starts learning the ancientShaolin Tongbi Fist.

A new palm technique for the Yellow Belt students: Horse StancePush Palms.

Yellow Belt students learning a new move from the 18 LuohanTechniques:
Twist Hands—Hook Sweep—Drop Stance.

Winter Quarter Belt Tests 3/23/2012

Striking a pose with the Sifus after passing the White and Yellow Belt tests.
Master Shi Yanran, Executive Director of Shaolin Temple USA
is at center in long Triple Jewels Robe.

Testing to advance to the White Belt leve (level 2)l:
Content: Beginner level syllabus. Students being scored on “Drop Stance Pierce Palm.”

White Belt Test: Sparring technique
“Block—Palm Cut—Knee Strike—Elbow Strike.”

Testing to advance to the Yellow Belt level. Content: White Belt syllabus.
Students being scored on “Shaolin Yinshou Staff.”

Yellow Belt Test: Sparring technique ”Wrist Lock Capture.”

Congratulations. You passed the test!

A week before the tests on a raining Friday, the class retreated to an indoor space to brush up on their forms and techniques under the guidance of their Sifus.

Kneeling Stance—Punch”

Master Shi Yanran demonstrated the correct posture for “T-Stance.”

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